Human Remains of Woman found in Maya Mopan

A farmer in the Salvapan area of Belmopan came upon what appeared to be the remains of a person. According to Trinidad De Jesus Taliqu, Guatemalan farmer, at around 1:30 pm on Sunday August 30th, he went to cut some sticks about 300 yards East of Costa Rica Street when he found what appeared to be a human skeleton. Acting Officer in Command of Belmopan Police Inspector Stephanie told us more.

Stephanie Grinage: On 30th August about 4:20pm based on information received, police visited an area at the end of Costa Rica Street, Salvamopan area Belmopan City.  Police observed what is believed to be skeletal remains. The skeletal remains were taken to the Western Regional Hospital Morgue and it is now waiting for analysis by doctors.  It is confirmed that it is indeed human remains but as I said before, the doctors are presently working on analyzing the bones. Basically a farmer who was in the area found the bones and alerted the police. At this time we are also looking for missing persons in our area to see if no one has recently been reported missing.

Later this evening, authorities at the Western Regional Hospital who were analyzing the remains confirmed that the skeletal remains belonged to that of a woman over the age of 18. Found beside the skeletal remains was a flower patterned dress. Authorities also say that the remains are consistent with some 3 months of decomposition, still there is no indication of any foul play. Police are asking the public’s assistance in identifying the person. If anyone has information of any person that went missing in the Belmopan area around that time, you are being asked to contact the Belmopan Police station 822-2222, the commanding officer at 822-1404, or contact the nearest police station.

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