Human Waste near Citrus Farms?

There are reports of pollution coming from the Southern District of Stann Creek that have been causing quite a stir within the local farmers and residents of the nearby communities.

Harry Arzu has the details of that story.


Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent

“Farmers who have their farmlands in the vicinity of Hope Creek Village, in the Stann Creek vlcsnap-2015-01-13-08h35m12s1District on the Coastal Road, are complaining that human remains and human waste are being disposed of at a site near their farms and citrus orchards.

One farmer said that he bitterly made his complaint known to the relevant health authorities, but it fell on deaf ears.  He also reported that the stench that comes from the site is unbearable and dangerous. 

Reliable reports indicate that the incinerator at the Southern Regional Hospital is not working.

Emilio Almendarez manages a huge farm near the site.”


vlcsnap-2015-01-13-08h35m20s87Emilio Almendarez – Concerned Farmer

“My main concern is that they have this guy that had a contract to go and take human waste from a septic tank, nearby close to the farm where I am.  It has become a problem, especially in this rainy season.

It flows all over into our creeks.  It goes to Big Creek, and from there goes to other streams, and go into other farms with other people. 

I talked to someone that worked with the Health [Department]  and I asked him also what happened to the machine that burn the human remains.  He said it’s not working.  So I said, well it’s a serious matter.  So I tell him, well I have to follow up with this.

I would like that someone [at the Health Ministry] do something about this, because if that machine does not work, then people will get sick out here.  You might hear that something serious has happened.  I would like that the Ministry does something about it, because if the machine does not work, then they need to do something because it’s not good.

So my main concern is about the health and the environment, because I live back there, and when you smell that stuff it’s nothing nice.”


Plus News spoke to a Health officer from the Southern Regional Hospital who  said that attempts are already being made to fix the broken incinerator, which according to reports, should be up and running within the next month. In the mean time they have designated an area near Hope Creek Village for waste disposal.

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