Humane Society Calls Out Inhumane Pet Owners

The Belmopan Humane Society are making public plea against leaving pets at their doors steps.

According to Efrain Aldana, representative of Belmopan Humane Society, just the other week one of their co-workers came back to office, which is located Behind Builders Hardware on Constitution Drive, only to find a box of kittens sitting under the blazing heat.

vlcsnap-2014-09-25-08h27m43s21Efrain Aldana – Belmopan Humane Society

“We had a case a couple of weeks ago, in which one of our members when they came back to the office, they found a box full of kittens, two different sizes of kittens, seven kittens in the box. If they had delayed a half-hour more, all kittens would have died.  In fact, one of them died, most likely because of the heat. 

vlcsnap-2014-09-25-08h32m21s230Two weeks ago, we found a dog tied to the fence with a little short rope, two feet [long] in the middle of the heat.   You know, August is very hot in Belmopan.  We had to rush to give him water, give him food.  It’s terrible.  That is cruel.”

According to Efrain Aldana, one of the main reasons why they believe that pets like these are shunned by many households when they procreate. This is why the Belmopan Humane Society is asking Belmopan pet lovers to take advantage of the organization’s cheap costs for sterilizing animals.

Efrain Aldana

“You will hear, ‘I told you, get rid of that dog, and the puppy.’ ‘But, Mom, Mom.’ ‘No man, you have to get rid of those dogs.’ Now it can be avoided, and I’ll show you how we can avoid it.

We have this sterilization program, and it’s aimed at the people who don’t have all the resources for them, because it costs between ninety and a hundred dollars.  Now, many people cannot afford that, and those who can go to the private clinic.  Those who cannot, we help them from funds we get from sponsors. 

We have corporate sponsors, we have donations from the ordinary man out there, we have membership fees.  So, you see, we have something in common.  We love animals.  You love animals.  Instead of having your animals procreate and have so many kittens and puppies, which will disturb the family, or the community, you come to us.  You call us  at 602-7947, and we will help you.”


For more information on the services provided by the Belmopan Humane Society in Belmopan, or to ask about donations, you can call the number 602-7947. The Bemopan Humane Society is a Not for Profit Organization that assists pet owners in taking better care of their pets.

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