Hundred Thousand Jamaicans Protest Against Firing of Dr. Bain

vlcsnap-2014-07-01-21h58m32s165Tens of thousands of Jamaicans, and some media reports say up to one hundred thousand of them, gathered in Half-Way-Tree Square in St Andrew, this past Sunday, for a massive rally organised by the religious coalition- Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE).

The gathering, which included members of the Christian, Muslim and Rastafarian communities came together to show their support for Professor Brendan Bain who was recently fired as Chair of CHART, an HIV and Aids organization spearheaded by the University of the West Indies.

Many speakers from across denominational lines took to the stage, including a former lesbian, Pastor Michelle Smith.  Smith testified that she had been a lesbian for 26 years, after being molested at age nine by a girl, raped at 13 and again at 19 by her sister’s husband, but God delivered her. She said that there is nothing good about the gay lifestyle and that it is a demonic movement.

The main speaker, was  Dr.Peter Garth, who stated that “Tolerance and diversity have taken on a new meaning in the social re-organization, and bodies are meeting in the Caribbean to reorder and reorganize our lives and we say stop your nonsense,” 

The highlight of the event was a Half-Way Tree Declaration, in which CAUSE declared that it rejects the attempts to hijack worthwhile programmes for control of HIV/AIDS in order to impose a LGBT agenda on the Jamaican people.

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