Ibrahim Smith jailed over stolen weaponry used in student’s death

While he is yet to face trial for the death of 17 year old Sadie Vernon High School student Shinelle Reyes which occurred five years ago, 23 year old Ibrahim Smith has begun a seven year jail sentence for possession of a form of prohibited firearm, specifically the weapon used to cause her death, albeit accidentally. The Mopan Street resident was tied to the firearm by a witness, a man in his 50’s who testified that on the night of Reyes’ death, he saw Smith run out of the house where Reyes was shot and hid a gun behind the house. Police retrieved the 16-gauge shotgun with altered butt the following day and Smith was detained. Steven Young, identified as the owner of the stolen weapon, testified that it was taken from inside his house two months prior to Reyes’ death. In his defense, Smith chose to remain silent. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser sentenced him to 5 years in prison for the prohibited firearm and 2 years for handling Steve Young’s stolen gun. Sentences are to run concurrently hence he will only serve 5 years. Meanwhile, Smith is awaiting trial for manslaughter in the student’s death as that was the charge levied at the time by prosecutors. While awaiting that trial he was granted bail and whist out on bail he was accused again, this time with murder and is to be tried separately for that offence.

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