Ibrahim Smith of  Manslaughter by Negligence charge

A 26 year old who accidentally shot and killed his friend in 2010 was set free of a manslaughter by negligence charge.  26 year old Ibrahim Smith was 17 when he was charged for the shooting death of 17-year-old Shenaine Reyes, aka “Shenelle” a third form student at Saidie Vernon High School. The teenage girl was shot once to the chest by her good friend after it was alleged that they were playing around with the shot gun. Yesterday, before newly appointed judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Colin Williams, Smith pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter by negligence. Smith reportedly told Williams that for years he wanted to plead guilty to the crime, but he didn’t have an attorney. Smith reportedly explained to Williams that the accident occurred when he was playing with the gun and got it to show off to his friends when the gun went off and shot Reyes in the chest killing her on the spot. Smith also asked the court to consider the fact that he had a rocky road in life and that he has now found a new and reformed life with God. After hearing Smith’s rocky road story, Justice Williams sentenced Smith to “Time Served” for the charge. Even though Smith is now free of charges of man slaughter by negligence, he is still serving time for the firearm and handling offenses.

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