Identification Parade of Accused Police Officers in San Ignacio

Cayo policevlcsnap-2014-06-04-18h06m33s214Charges are expected to be levied against 4 officers attached to the San Ignacio Formation after a shooting incident at Unitedville left one teenager hospitalized.

According to reports made by 19 year old Elston Arnold, on Monday May 26th, he and a few friends were returning from a wake when they were stopped by the four officers in question.

According to Elston’s version of the story, he had already turned around and was walking away when he was shot in the back with a shotgun.

Police claim the shotgun was armed with non-lethal plastic pellets.  An internal investigation has since been launched and on Wednesday, June 4th, at around 6:30 p.m., an identification parade was conducted at the San Ignacio Police Station.

We contacted the Officer in Command of San Ignacio Police who informed us that a photo array was slated to be conducted sometime this evening as they draw closer to the final stages of investigation.

According to information coming in to Plus News, the officers in question are expected to be charged today June 5th, or tomorrow.

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