Ill reputed murder scene

The murder of 52 year old Zhi Jiang Zhang in Teakettle Village that occurred on Saturday was a gruesome one. Zhang was chopped multiplevlcsnap-2016-02-10-10h22m18s047vlcsnap-2016-02-10-10h21m47s620 times by a man armed with a machete and a gun. This is after the gunman shot one of the female workers at the bar in the leg and robbed the cash register. Police are continuing their investigation into the latest homicide and we have been told that there is no suspect as yet.This latest violence at 69 Bar has also raised discussion about the nature of the business at that establishment which is well known as a brothel; a brothel allegedly frequented by high ranking officials.  The three story establishment was established in Teakettle Village less than a year ago when the proprietor, Zhi vlcsnap-2016-02-10-10h22m23s566Jiang Zhang moved there from Cotton Tree Village. When police arrived at the scene of the murder on Saturday, they encountered at least 12 females at the establishment and conducted interviews with the women identified as commercial sex workers; an illegal activity in Belize. We understand that 12 of those women were initially detained but 8 of them later released. When our cameras revisited the scene on Monday, the women were in the process of vacating the premises, packing up to leave. Yesterday we asked  OC Roaring Creek Police, Octeriano Victerin  to comment on the reputation of the establishment as a prostitute joint. Here is what he had to say.Sources tell Plusnews say that the prostitutes at that establishment were from a wide cross section of nationalities including British and American prostitutes and that the clientele was just as diverse to include high ranking government officials. Could that be the reason why the establishment remained open despite the voicedvlcsnap-2016-02-10-10h22m36s774 concerns and lobbying efforts of various sectors of the community?  One voice that has been speaking against the establishment long before any murder occurred there is Director of My Refuge Christian Radio Richard Smith. Today, he spoke to Plusnews about the matter. Smith says for too long Belizeans have been quiet on these issues but it is high time that action be taken by the relevant authorities to clampdown on such illegal activities that hurt the nation as a whole. Smith says he calls on Belizeans to speak up andreport any such establishments and on the authorities to uphold the Belizean law and not allow such businesses to continue operations in Belize.vlcsnap-2016-02-10-09h39m49s957

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