On the trail of Roberta Medina

vlcsnap-2013-12-16-20h59m25s17424 year old Rafael Alexander Vasquez Medina is the latest poster boy for the mess at the Immigration and Nationality Department, caught trying to obtain a replacement Social Security card with a nationality certificate claiming that he was Belizean by descent through his mother, Roberta Medina, a woman he does not even know, never mind is he related to. He got the certificate on September 16 and Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse is on record to a local media house saying that he personally interviewed Medina at his office where he presented the forged nationality certificate and an allegedly certified copy of his Salvadoran birth certificate which has now been certified as false. Though he has been charged for possessing and uttering on a false document he and his family insist they were the victims of an unknown female facilitator who somehow obtained the certificate, signed by Director of Immigration Maria Marin, with Roberta Medina listed as Vasquez’s mother.  But does Ms. Medina even exist? That is what PLUS News tried to find out this past Sunday when we visited Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk District, where she was said to live. But on a tour of the village, located approximately 8 miles east of Orange Walk Town, we could find no one who knew of Roberta Medina, or whether there was ever a family in the village with the last name of Medina. We were told that police sources insist that they spoke to the woman sometime last week, but we were not able to find any trace of her. Vasquez Medina returns to court in March and a fresh investigation is underway.

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