Important Health and Satefy Bill…Taking too Long to Hit the Table?

The NTUCB in a press release expressed their sheer rage at the GOB their “…refusal; to bring the Occupational Health and Safety Bill (OSH Bill), to the House of Representatives for its due course of readings and public debates.” According to the press release, “Over the past ten years, the OSH bill has had unceasing efforts put into it from both domestic and international Stakeholders.” They press release lamented for the faith of the bill which patiently waiting to be read on like the other bills which were passed, “…in such a swift fashion,” said the press release, “…one, two three, readings and presto- Law!!” We must concede that within those many swiftly passed laws were many faulty language which if passed could have proven detrimental to our countries many delicate systems. The press release further exclaimed that this well thought out bill is, “desperately needed in this here land of labourers, skilled and unskilled, unionized and un-unionized!” The NTUCB exclaimed ended by saying that, “the OSH Bill, are worthy of one of those, “PRESTO” moves!

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