Improved FIFA ranking gives Belize hope for Round 3

On the 25th of July , Belize drew Canada as its round 3 competitor for the World Cup Qualifiers after defeating the Dominican Republic on an aggregate score of 5-1 in round 2 of the Qualifiers. This small third world central American country has received positive nods from international FIFA executives especially after it’s huge leap in FIFA rankings by 37 spots bringing Belize up to #118, the highest in the history of Belizean football. Still Belize is ranked lower than Canada, which is ranked at #103. But we have seen the Belize Jaguars pull off the impossible before, so this match up, while challenging, does not dissuade the team according to the head coach. We spoke to the head coach for the Belize National Team Jorge Nunez who has been sizing up the opponent, which, statistically speaking, is superior to Belize in every way.

Jorge Nunez–  Head Coach, Belize National Teamvlcsnap-2015-07-31-10h59m09s31

[Translated]“Well I’ve seen a lot of games from Canada. They are a very good team, we all know that. But you know, we’ve been practicing very hard for this game. We believe our chances for advancing to the fourth round are very high. The first game is on going to be played over there on the 4th of September. We are already doing physical training, tactical training and strategy in preparation for the game. We are very excited. Canada has recently played in La Copa Ora where they didn’t do very well. And so all of that we have to observe. Observe the possibilities that we have, work on those and above all have faith.”

This is not the first time Belize has played against Canada. In 2004 Belize played Canada for the Qualifiers and lost with an aggregate score of 8 to nil. But that was some 37 FIFA ranks ago.

Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“What can you say about the strategy that Canada uses?”

Jorge Nunezvlcsnap-2015-07-31-11h06m48s22

“All the games that I’ve watched Canada plays very defensive. They have a very direct approach with far kicks. They have been playing with big teams, Mexico, United States, so logically they play more defensive. But I don’t think they will use the same strategy with us because according to them we are a team that is inferior to them. So I think they will be taking more risks. We have already starting working on that and we will be taking advantage of the spaces that they leave behind. ”


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