Inauguration Ceremony of the Olmec Head in Belmopan.

The Inaguration Ceremony of the Omelec Head in took place in Belmopan today. The Government of Mexico in Partnership with Print Belize and The Government of Belize donated a replica of the Omelec Jade Head to the City of Belmopan last year. The Jade head was finally inaugurated this afternoon. Present at the inauguration was Ambassador Carlos Quesnel of the Embassy of Mexico in Belize, Ambassador Patrick Andrews CEO of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Nicolas, CEO of Print Belize, Sir Colville Young Governor General of Belize and other highly esteemed guest. Plus News got to speak with Ambassador Carlos Quesnel about today’s ceremony.

Mexican Ambassador, Carlos Quesnel

It’s a very important day for the Embassy of Mexico and for the Government of Mexico. As you know, when the president Enrique Pinioneto came last October to Belize in an official visit, the Prime Minister Barrow he wrote as a token of friendship at the culmination of 35 years of diplomatic [relations] this beautiful Omelec head. Unfortunately, there was no time for the president to come to Belize to unveil it, so it has taken a couple of months. But here we are wit the attendance of the Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and we have the opportunity now to do this inauguration. We are very proud of this. As you can see the head looks towards the Embassy of Mexico. We consider this to be the Mexican corner; the Print Belize/ Mexican roundabout and we are very proud of this moment. We thank everyone who supported the project.  I mentioned today that a lot of people helped, and I would like especially mention the CEO Yvonne Hide, who was very supportive in this project.  And CEO Andrews who were  both very supportive.  This is not only a gift, a very heavy gift, but it needs to be another token of the very sincere friendship between Mexico and Belize. We want this to be also another sign how Mexico and Belize can come together and strengthen their relations. We are ready to go forward

The Inauguration of the Omelec Jade head in the capital city represents the strong and ever growing diplomatic relations Mexico has with our nation for 35 years.

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