Income Tax Department takes former FFB President Bertie Chimillo to court

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-07h53m12s185Former Football Association President, Bertie Chimillo was before the Belize City Magistrate’s Court after being summoned by the Income tax Department regarding the recovery of arrears.  The record is showing that Mr Chimillo owes income tax some $13,900 plus $19,355.00. Today was for a judgment summons but Magistrate Leslie Hamilton adjourned the matter for tomorrow after a very important witness in the case is being sought.  In court Thursday morning, Bertie Chimillo who was unrepresented, was informed that the reason for him being summoned to court was for the judgment summons so that the court could examine his pockets. The magistrate told Bertie Chimillo that he had some options: he can either pay the unpaid tax and fines or pay the fine within 7 days of order or extended time determined.  He was then given an opportunity to speak and lay the foundation of his case.  That’s when Mr Chimillo said that last year around May, he received a letter from Income Tax Department stating that he come could go in to discuss his tax situation after being President of the Football Association . Bertie Chimillo says he did go in and spoke with Ann Castillo who explained to him that he need to fill out forms for the tax purposes and she would refer them to her Superior and then get back to him.   Mr Chimillo said he  heard nothing from Income Tax Department until February of this year when he got a Demand Payment Note. He said he went back again and spoke to someone else who told him to write a letter to the Commissioner of Income Tax.  According to Bertie Chimillo, he did so and sent in that letter on March 12, 2013 but still did not hear anything from them until he got a summons to come to court.   Prosecutor Gilroy Moore for Income Tax Department told the court that on June 15, 2012, Mr. Chimillo visited the Income tax Department officer where he was interviewed by Anne Castillo.   As a result of that interview, according to Mr Moore, a letter was tendered by Anne Castillo.  It was at this point that Magistrate Hamilton asked why it was that Ann Castillo was not present in court to give evidence regarding the interview she conducted with Mr Chimillo and its contents. With that Magistrate Hamilton adjourned the case for Friday, where Ann Castillo is expected to be summoned to appear in court to testify.

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