Income Tax robbers caught and to be charged

Belmopan Police are in the process of putting together charge sheets for several persons involved in the Income Taxvlcsnap-2016-07-21-15h34m14s36 robbery that happened in the capital city last Friday evening.  As we reported, three vlcsnap-2016-07-21-15h34m28s173male persons entered the building, two of whom were dressed in camouflage clothing. The security guard, cashier and other workers still at the office, were tied up and duct taped at gun point and the men  entered he cashier section and took over $29,000.00 in cash , personal items from the workers, and the  .38 revolver from the security guard. The men then escaped in a Toyota forerunner. Today, police say they have recovered most of the money, equipment used in the commission of the crime, and have detained the suspects. OC Howell Gillett tells us more.

Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett – OC, Belmopan Policevlcsnap-2016-07-21-15h36m18s250
“The suspects left along enough personal particulars and I won’t get into any further details in relation to that. That we were able know who these people were and we have all suspects in custody; 4 people total 3 men and 1 woman. We believe the woman was the driver of the vehicle at the time and the 3 men were the persons who robbed the income tax department and held up the police and the staff members. So far we been in operation last week in the San Ignacio area we were able to confiscate one rental, two motorcycles, a large cash of Belizean currency, one 9 millimeter pistol, the 38 revolver that was stolen from the police the officer at the time.”

The OC says they are very pleased with the work of the police officers over the past few days as two major crimes landed in their laps, the income tax robbery and the murder of Llewelyn Lucas. OC Gillett says the speedy recovery is partially due to the public assistance to the police department.

Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett – OC, Belmopan Police

“We have a very good relationship with the people in Belmopan. That’s part of the reason why we were able to solve this case very quickly. Officers are happy to serve. We treat our officer very well so that they are excited to work. Our officers work from Friday straight through to Monday and that’s how we were able to retrieve so many items from the suspects.”

OC Gillett says the case is not completely solved as yet though because they are hoping to recover more of the stolen monies. He says charges are expected to be laid Thurday and will range from robbery, abetment to robbery, and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammo.

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