Independence Village Should Taste Benefit of Norwegian Cruise Line Project, says its Chairman

NCL PhotoWith the Norwegian Cruise Line Project in the pipeline, communities in the south have been putting in place mechanisms to benefit from what is anticipated to be a successful tourism venture. One such community is the village of Independence. The Village Council, in conjunction with the N.C.L. Steering Committee is hoping to form a transportation cooperative that will work directly with N.C.L to provide transportation for the company’s tours. This coming Sunday, a forum is slated with interested stakeholders in the transportation sector, persons in the area employed in the bus, boat, freight, and taxi industries are invited to attend.  Chairman of Independence Village, Mr.  Emilio Zabaneh told us more:

Mr. Emilio Zabaneh- Chairman of Independence Village

NCL Photo 3vlcsnap-2013-11-15-18h18m33s173We’ve been talking to the people form N.C.L or the Norwegian Cruise line.   One of the little benefits that will come from this project, according to them is that transportation contract for sure where N.C.L will work with one entity to provide transportation for all its tours.   We, as a village council and our N.C.L hearing Committee here in the village, would like to see as many Belizeans benefit from that contract.    So, we decided that the best way forward was to form a transportation cooperative to get this transport; we want as many people who deal with transportation to be involved in the ownership of this contract.   So, we are asking all the stakeholders of transportation in the village to come out and let’s see if we can get this cooperative off the ground, so that as many Belizeans can become owners”.

The forum will be held at the village Center at 4 o’clock in that evening.

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