Infrastructure works continue

The Government’s large-scale infrastructure project intended to repair needed passageways nationwide following severe rainfall damage late in 2013 continues. Projects are underway in all of the major municipalities and on Wednesday the Prime Minister announced some new ones. Here in Belmopan, a central road will see some upgrading. Prime Minister Barrow shares the details.

vlcsnap-2014-07-31-07h39m24s78Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“In Belmopan, apart from what’s ongoing, Mrs Hyde the CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development, and our key person in terms of interfacing with the Caribbean Development Bank, informs me that she has negotiated with CDB so that as part of the Western Corridor Project, the entire  Ring Road in Belmopan will be resurfaced, will be rehabilitated.  Bicycle paths and walking tracks will be put in all around that Ring Road.  The hope is to do as well a roundabout.  That should see Belmopan looking absolutely spiffy.”

Punta Gorda will see the fast-tracking of its $5 million remodelling of the Multi-Purpose Complex on the west side of town under Belize Infrastructure Limited, with similar projects in design phase and in the case of Falcon Field in San Ignacio, under construction. Repairs to streets are progressing in various municipalities and in the Old Capital, much of the work centers on the new connection between Northside and Southside at Chetumal Street and Lake Independence Boulevard Contracts have also gone out for a replaced Haulover Bridge and four-lane highway from the junction of the Airport Road and Philip Goldson Highway to the entrance of Belize City with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank. Government intends to spend over $70 million on street repairs and upgrades.

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