Injured Howler Monkey dies

Last week, a howler monkey was reported as severely injured after it was captured allegedly by a group of high school boys from an Orange Walk high vlcsnap-2013-03-12-19h38m16s60school. The Howler Monkey, most commonly known as baboon,  received severe injuries to its face. Allegations are that the boys used slingshots and sticks to subdue the animal which was near the campus of the Belize High School of Agriculture. Today, the Forest department issued a press release saying that it continues its investigation into the incident. The Howler Monkey was seized by the Forest Department on March 6th and it was undergoing medical treatment but died on Friday March 8. According to the press release – and we quote – “ The Forest department does not take the incident lightly and will be laying charges against the offenders.  Such cruelty is appalling and will not be tolerated” – end quote. The Wildlife Protection Act prohibits the hunting of the Black Howler monkey.

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