Inmate shot while attempting to escape

At around 11:10 on Friday morning an inmate at the Belize Central Prison was shot by prison guards as he attempted to escape. Earl Jones, CEO of the Colby Foundation, told the media that prisoner Adrian Gordon, in his attempted escape, climbed over the Eastern perimeter fence of the facility. Once on the other side, the Gordon wasted no time and began his desperate flee. The tower guards, according to Earl Jones, were alerted and issued a line of fire. This however, did not deter the Gordon’s obstinate desire to be free.  Mr Jones says that that left the guards with no other option but to take down the escapee. Gordon was shot on the left foot and leg, and was subsequently treated by the medical personnel at the prison to stop the bleeding. The escapee is currently at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is undergoing further treatment under the watch of a prison guard according to CEO Earl Jones. Jones says that he will be transported back to the prison as soon as the doctors raise the green flag.

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