Innovative Sanitary Pillows Arrive to Belizean Hospital Beds

In an effort to sustain infection control within the hospital unit, the Belize Dry Cleaners donated 300 antimicrobial treated pillows to hospitals across the country. The 20” X 26” pillows are filled with 8 oz garnetted polyester.  The pillows have soft polypropylene stitching and they are fluid proof, wipeable and flame resistant. Such innovative pillows were handed over by Managing Director of Belize Dry Cleaners, Lascelle Arnold.

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-09h43m21s114 Mr. Lascelle Arnold- Managing Director of Belize Dry Cleaners                

“The idea was to look at the infection problems that they have and how we can contribute towards it”.



Reporter:   “And what’s the purpose of the pillows?   What type of pillows are these? “

Mr. Lascelle Arnold:  “Oh, it’s a liquid proof pillow is a pillow that doesn’t have a bacteria, it’s a special pillow just for hospital.   You could just wipe and clean; sanitize and clean it.  You don’t have to wash it; it doesn’t hold any kind of liquid; and a problem with cross contamination is one patient using the pillow and passing liquid through the pillow case to the pillow and then another patient using that same pillow.   So, by having that, we’ll eliminate that type of cross contamination.   And by the way, I do the laundry for this hospital.   So, it is fitting to give back at the same time”.

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-09h35m02s244 Mr. Arnold says that the idea was born from a conference to prevent cross contamination and infection in hospitals that he recently attended in New Orleans. The pillows will be delivered over the next couple days to five hospitals: Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Western Regional Hospital, Northern Regional Hospital, San Ignacio Community Hospital and Corozal Community Hospital. During the brief handing over, Minister Marin commented that “the donation of these pillows will help in our efforts to provide the best quality of care for the public, especially when they are required to stay in a bed for treatment or recovery purposes.”

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