Inspector Yearwood clarifies events surrounding P.C.’s killing

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-08h07m22s66On Wednesday morning former press officer for the Belize Police Department, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, called the KREM WUB Morning Vibes program to clarify events surrounding the Saturday morning killing of his cousin, Constable Dean Yearwood, who was shot in the back allegedly by fellow officer Glenwayne Grant, who was attempting to stop a robbery in progress on Central American Boulevard. The second-in-command at Belize City Precinct Four first dealt with the matter of identification. As we told you on Monday Police Commissioner Allen Whylie suggested that officers on the scene were not able to identify the 24 year old , but the Inspector says that he personally established identification before the constable was taken to the morgue.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood:

vlcsnap-2013-09-12-08h00m49s52I am deeply saddened by the situation that took place with my cousin on Sunday morning. When I arrived on the scene  the body was already removed, but I can assure you that we officers that were on the scene got his identity and I do not know who was negligent to not have returned to the morgue and made the proper entry. Even if they couldn’t identify him on the scene, when I got on the scene, we identified who it was so they should have gone back to the morgue and make that entry. Around 2:30 pm, I tried to contact his sister, but the phone went to voice-mail.  So if I tried to contact her from 2:30, because I knew it was him, I don’t know why the investigating officer did not make the proper entry at the morgue.

I will not go into any details because I was working earlier that night and I observed certain things and I will discuss that with the officer in charge of the investigation but in all honesty I believe that we will get justice, well I’m hoping and I’m praying.

The 17 year veteran of the Department is putting his trust in his fellow officers to secure justice and says he has encouraged those who have something to say to make a formal report.

The Inspector was also asked about the progress of the postmortem and whether he believed the accused officer, Grant, should have known who his brother officer was before he tried to intervene.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood:

There are some officers that passed out in April. I am a 17 year old veteran in this department and I make sure that I get to know new officers, whether they are detectives or uniform police,  and if we work in the same division, I don’t see how you can say that you don’t know each other. That’s all I am saying. You should know your fellow colleagues.

An official criminal and internal investigation is ongoing.

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