Integrity Commission Member’s Appointment Questioned

National Assembly BZThe Prime Minister was then asked to update the nation on the ongoing search for replacement members of the Integrity Commission. It has been duly noted that another of his appointees, Armeid Gabourel, was a past member of the now infamous Belize Airports Authority Board of Directors. PM Barrow says that her appointment predates the BBA scandal.

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-17h29m59s99Hon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development 

“Remember that the Integrity Commission long before the news broke about the Belize Airports Authority.  It is my understanding that Ms. Gabourel was one who in fact opposed and is on record as having done so, the decision of the Board to approve a sort of ongoing commitment to assist the minister it his constituency.  So, I wouldn’t…clearly, we had to ask everybody to resign; you can’t at that point b making distinctions, but I wouldn’t see the resignation there as being fatal to the Integrity Commission appointment.  I am more concerned about finding the replacement to the new resignations now, even before formal constitution of those on Integrity Commission that have said, we simply are not prepared with the PEP obligations”.

The Prime Minister added that, in the same regard, he needs to check back with the leader of the opposition to see if the PUP are experiencing the same problems, now that members of the integrity commission are classified as PEP- politically Exposed persons.

Civil-servants-building-BelmopanHon. Dean Barrow:  “In fact, I need to check with the leader of the Opposition.   Before we went public, I indicated to him my difficulties and he said he would have to check with his two appointees as to whether they were prepared to stay.  Nobody had taken account of the fact that these people are more likely than not, be deemed Politically Exposed Persons with the accompanying obligation.  I have not heard back from him whether his people are prepared to stay.  But in so far as to the replacement as the two from our side that have left, I have been too busy really to have conducted any search for replacements”.



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