International Literacy Day observed

vlcsnap-2015-09-08-23h34m23s206Today is International Literacy Day and there was a open-air book fair and event at BTL Park in Belize City. Minister of Education Patrick Faber tells us more.

Hon. Patrick Faber: Well it is Mr. Newport who is head of our quad unit puts it this morning. If we can get more people in this country, every adult person in this country to read to children every day, it would be a mission accomplished. Today is just another day in the work of our ministry, especially the quad unit and the literacy unit to promote reading to children every single day. It is a very important goal and we cannot do enough to try to continue to promote this effort.

 Reporter: Can you talk to us about this competition where certain children were honored today for the amount of books they took on as a task to read.

 Hon. Patrick Faber: Well the initiative was really the brain child of the restore Belize group and of course we partner with the Restore Belize on many initiatives to promote education in this country but it was really their initiative and as I understand it they worked very closely with the libraries that are a part of the work of the ministry so that they could have acted as stations where children would go read the books and make a reckoning of those books that they’ve read to ensure that they’ve read it. vlcsnap-2015-09-08-23h34m50s211And I’m very pleased to hear the numbers this morning of these young persons who read so many books. It is a motivation and inspiration if you will for other children in this country to try to top. I mean 56 books over the summer is no easy feat for the young man from All Saints, and it should be an encouragement for all of us, not only the young readers.

According to the Minister, his personal experience as a father and former teacher shapes his approach.

Hon. Patrick Faber: Well as I’ve said from my own experience, it is a very very vlcsnap-2015-09-08-23h34m10s87necessary thing. I have been able to get my boys excited about reading. Both of them as I said are good readers. When I asked the rest of the Nation to participate in terms of reading to children today and every day, it
is not only me preaching as the minister of education but it is me as a parent who was actually engaged in this kind of thing and I recommend it 100%

Scotiabank also closed its planned annual book drive with donations to schools.

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