Investigation continues into plane crash

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Tonight the investigation continues to try and determine just what caused a Tropic Air airplane to go down yesterday in the Caribbean sea near Halfmoon Caye. Investigators have narrowed it down to engine failure. Now according to John Greif, president of Tropic Air, and we quote, “Our airplanes get a lot more inspection and a lot more professional care than most airplanes.” In addition to that Greif told us via phone today that their pilots do pre-flight checks every time before taking off to ensure that everything is in order. This particular flight followed all necessary procedures according to Greif; so what went wrong? That is what airplane inspectors are still trying to determine. John Greif told us what they know about the flight so far. He said the airplane left Belize City sometime after 4 pm on Tuesday enroute to Roatan, Honduras when, quote,“…Somewhere along the flight it experienced an engine malfunction and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing inside the light house reef complex….We think the engine was actually producing some power. We don’t think it was completely dead. So he was able to, we think, go quite a distance to get to shallow water. Had he been able to stay in the air another ten minutes he would have gotten to an airstrip.” Within the hour, the Belize Coast Guard with assistance from Belize Audubon Society, rescued the pilot Glenfield Borland, and the two passangers – American National Arthur Rogers, and Honduran National Eddie Bodden- who were found to be “without a scratch” according to Greif. John Greif noted that the plane was equipped with a life raft and personal flotation devices. Due to the bad weather conditions last night, the passengers and the pilot spent the night at  Black Bird Caye resort. The following morning , Tropic Air flew them to Phillip Goldson International Airport. The two foreigners have since gone back to their home country. President John Greif assures Tropic Air costumers that they do everything in their power to ensure their customers fly safely.

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