Investigation into burned plane continues

Yesterday we told you about the plane that landed behind Spanish Lookout and was quickly set on fire after it was emptied of its passenger(s)vlcsnap-2821-12-06-00h12m39s179 and content.  Some additional information has crossed our desk that the aircraft was most likely a Cessna 210 and not a 172 as was previously reported.As we told you at around 12:50am,  residents in the area heard a plane. 10 minutes later at 1a.m.,  there was no more sound of a plane. Another ten minutes later, at 1:10 a.m., neighbors reported seeing a fire in the distance.  15 minutes later, at  1:25 a.m., a vehicle is vlcsnap-0447-10-16-17h46m25s345heard passing but residents could not see any headlights on.  Police say they were not alerted by residents until the following morning. However, PLUSTV has confirmed that at least one resident of Spanish Lookout said that he did contact police just before 1am as the plane was circling. He said police contacted him 28 hours later to ask his location. News reaching us is that residents in Dangriga also earlier that night said they heard a plane circling.

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