Investigation into Spanish Lookout attempted kidnapping dismissed

Due to the widely spread rumours and the paranoia that followed from an alleged attempted kidnapping of children in the Spanish Lookout area, Cayo District, the Chairman of the community Clarence Dueck appealed to Justice of the peace Harry Letkeman to investigate the reports. Mr Letkeman spoke to all parties involved and has since emailed us his findings.

According to JP Harry Letkeman, he first spoke to the father of the two children involved. According to the father, his two boys, ages 8 and 10 were coming home on their bicycles from Palm Ridge School on February 9th. The boys reported that a dark SUV stopped, and the driver, since identified,  got out the car and offered them a ride. The boys said they declined and road off on their bicycles.

A woman, who had gone to pick up her children at the same school, said she witnessed the incident, and noted that when she approached the driver, he got into his vehicle and sped off. She immediately alerted the community and as a result the Chairman asked police to investigate the reports.

Police found the dark SUV at Midway Convenience and the driver, a US missionary, who was staying in Unitedville. The US national reportedly told police that he was doing work in Los Tambos, and was heading back to Unitedville when a couple of boys threw stones at his car. As a result, the US national says he got out of his vehicle and chided the boys for their behaviour.

Harry Letkeman says he contacted the ministry at Unitedville where the missionary and his wife  had been staying, but was told that they had gone back home to the USA on February 11th.

On the 12th, Letkeman says he got a call from the missionary who gave his account of what happened via email. His story went in line with what was reported with the only variation being that the US nationals did not offer the boys a ride, instead they said they chided the boys for their rude behaviour.

In conclusion JP Harry Letkeman says that, “I blame this inconsistency on language barrier. At this time I would like to put all rumours surrounding this incident to rest. I have concluded that the event was not devious in any shape or form.”

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