Investigations continue into KHMH baby deaths

KHMHThis morning, on his return to the country, Prime Minister Barrow met with the Chairman, members of the KHMH and the CEO in the Ministry of Health, where he was briefed on the recent deaths of a dozen newborns at the hospital’s NICU. He was also updated on the investigation so far. According to a release from GOB, the Prime Minister, on behalf of the Government, has committed to “Assist(ing) with any interim arrangements needed to outsource urgent neonatal cases to private hospitals while the KHMH  Unit  is  being  made  completely  safe  by  remodeling,  expansion  and  replacement of equipment.” Meanwhile, the Board of Members has assured the Prime Minister that  at  least  a  preliminary  finding  as  to  responsibility  in  relation  to  the tragedy, should be forthcoming by Thursday of next week.  A Press Conference will be held then to release those findings to the public and to inform of the construction start  date,  which  Government  of  Belize  would  help  to  finance for  the  new  KHMH wing that would house the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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