Is Former Deputy Mayor Eric Chang going to Meet with Mayor Bradley?

vlcsnap-2013-11-26-19h53m00s147Belize City Councilor Eric Chang is confirmed to be back in Belize and high on his list of priorities is a meeting with his boss, Mayor Darrell Bradley. Stripped of his title as Deputy Mayor and his portfolio, Chang must explain why his name has been called as the alleged courier of the infamous Won-Hong Kim passport to the jailed businessman in a Taiwanese prison..

Mayor Darrel Bradley of Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-11-27-21h28m14s0“He came back yesterday.  I haven’t had an opportunity to call him.  I intend to call him as soon as I get through another appointment that I have right here.  I will have a dialogue with him in terms of what has transpired and really his involvement in the City Council.   We expect as mayor, is my responsibility that every person in the city council is performing 100%; persons with portfolios and person without portfolios and I need to hear from him that he is serious about delivering on his commitment he was elected to”.

Reporter:  “Will he be reinstated as a councilor with portfolio?”

Belize City Street cementing 1Mayor Darrel Bradley:  “No. We have no plans on doing that; we are very heavily involved in some of our infrastructure projects; I’m quite satisfied with the performance of Councilor Dean Samuels; he is moving forward with the Southside street rehabilitation projects.  He wants to anxiously do those; he wants to get those moving as soon as possible.   I think that there is still this question gaping here in relation to his absence and in relation to his name called in the immigration fiasco which he has to answer for”.


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