Is gang activity stirring in Hope Creek?

We have reported on the stabbing incident in Hope Creek which occurred on Monday July 2nd. 17 year old Jose Salinas was stabbed three times to the back and it is believed he was stabbed by another teenager. Today police told us  more.

Joseph Myvette, Head of N.C.I.B.: Initial police investigation revealed that Salinas had alighted from a passenger bus, just around 10:30am when he got into an altercation with another male person who inflicted the said injuries. Police are seeking one suspect in connection with this stabbing incident.

 Police say they are still investigating the motive. ASP Joseph Myvette was asked if there is any indication of an organized gang activity happening in the village

Joseph Myvette, Head of N.C.I.B.: We know that it was an altercation between the victim and another person and that other person had caused the injuries. There seem to be some disagreements between several youths within Hope Creek Village which the police is in the process of addressing through mediation. We were made aware of several little groups, but not as per organized gangs.

Police had initially detained a 15 year old for questioning but he has since been released. Police say they are now looking for a new suspect. In the meantime, 17 year old Jose remains hospitalized in a stable condition.

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