Is Lake Independence Representative Complaining about Project?

Mayor Darrel Bradley Mark-KingPLUS News has obtained a copy of an email correspondence between Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley and Lake Independence area representative Mark King. King, a former City Councilor himself, is complaining that he has been ignored by City Hall over his proposal to create a community park, beautifying and fixing the Mahogany Street thoroughfare and other streets in the constituency. Hon. Mark King claims he has heard that the Council has no money for the project, but he seems more hacked off about effectively being left holding the bag, saying that, quote, “sitting at the Council to see you is like waiting for God.” The first-term representative says he will approach the press over the issue at the start of November and says he believes that since the Council has abandoned the project, he will seek funding for it elsewhere.  He calls the Mayor “a one-man island” and threatens to “deface” support in Cabinet for City Hall, and concludes in reference to former Mayor Zenaida Moya whom he publicly denounced in 2008: “We made Zenaida rise and we made her fall…head (sic) the call…” Strong words, and due to the late-breaking nature of the story we were only able to get comment late this evening. We spoke to Mr. Bradley and Hon. King, who both denied that the email is real.

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