Is Rawell Pelayo Still a Member of FFB Executive?

vlcsnap-2014-06-27-17h23m43s192Who could forget the very stellar performance of Belize Jaguars in the Gold Cup Tournament last year, but what is also quite unforgettable is the very embarrassing arrest of Football Federation of Belize’s Vice President Rawell Pelayo.

In July 2013 while travelling with the delegation, Rawell Pelayo was detained in Houston, Texas by the Drug Enforcement Agency (the DEA).

Since then he has spent almost a year in detention under indictment for narcotics smuggling. However despite his humiliating detention, President of FFB, Ruperto Vicente confirmed that Mr. Pelayo is still a member of the executive.

vlcsnap-2014-06-26-18h54m33s159Mr. Ruperto Vicente- President of the Football Federation of Belize

“Mr. Pelayo is still a member of theFootball Federation of Belize.  We tabled the suspensions at our last congress, but congress members are of the opinion that Mr. Pelayo should be given more time on the Federation’s executives because we don’t know what would become of his case”.

Reporter:  “But the criticism here is that he has been away for months and he hasn’t  been doing anything here with the FFB”.

Mr. Ruperto Vicente:  “That is true, but as an executive, we cannot suspend Mr. Pelayo; it takes the congress to suspend because the congress is the ultimate authority of the Football Federation.  So, when the congress says no, it is no; we cannot do anything about it”.

According to Vicente the executive has made a recommendation for his removal, however the congress, which is made up of all the district associates, has to make the ultimate decision.

At the last congress meeting, it was agreed to give Pelayo 6 months to clear his name.  That expires in the month of September.

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