Is the PUP ready for another bi-election?

A few weeks ago the people of Orange Walk East elected the new PUP standard bearer for that constituency, where Josue Carballo beat Dave Burgos by a very slim margin. This is after Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez , current Area Representative,  announced last year November that he is stepping down due to medical reasons. Since being charged for aggravated assault upon a minor and common assault upon another minor,  the Senior politician and professional pediatrician has been removed vlcsnap-2015-02-05-06h06m41s38from his position as the chairman of the Northern Caucus, and has been suspended from all other party related duties, responsibilities, and activities.

The case resumes on April 13th. In the mean time, Dr. Mendez remains as the Area Representative for Orange Walk East.

On Wednesday we asked Josue Carballo if his team is ready in the event that there should be another bi-election in the near future.


vlcsnap-2015-02-05-06h07m04s252Josue Carballo – PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East

“I believe that whenever one offers himself as a candidate, especially for this great People’s United Party,  you have to be ready.  A General Election can be called within a month or so.  So we have to be prepared.  That’s what we came in here for.

Our people know that  we must continue the work of the Party.  Officially I will definitely continuing working with the people of the east. We are ready.  We must be ready.

I am my own person.  My track record always shows that I’ve been working independently and working for the area, working for years,  and I think that’s what people are looking for.  Every time I go out I’ve continued my campaign, going out and thanking the people of the East that came out for the convention.  I have personally been out there outreaching to them, and our talk is centered around work, around what the East needs, around where the East is going, and that’s what I hear from the people of the East, as I go out.”


Come the next general elections or bi-election, whichever way the future events play out, Josue Carballo will be squaring off against UDP standard Bearer for Orange Walk East, Elodio Aragon Jr.

On Wednesday Mr Carballo expressed his confidence that he can bring another victory for the PUP in Orange Walk East.


Josue Carballo

“Like I said, we are ready.  The great People’s United Party is working hard.  We have been working in the area.  Orange Walk East is a PUP constituency and it is very progressive people, forward thinking.  I think as the convention showed it was one of the biggest and we go forward like that.

The focus is on the Municipal Elections, so we’re definitely going out there and showing and discussing with people our plans.  I’m also a candidate for the PUP 7 Team.  So that is the way we are going forward.”


Two weeks ago we spoke to Elodio Aragon Jr. who seemed just as confident about his candidacy


vlcsnap-2015-02-05-06h26m57s161Elodio Aragon – UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East

“The work that we do will let people understand and know who is the better candidate for the area.  I always believe that your work precedes you.

Of course we can never take things for granted.  I do not take things for granted.  I’m an old Police Officer.  I’ve always believed never take things for granted.

The work that we are doing right now, meeting the people etcetera,  I do believe that the United Democratic Party has the support in Orange Walk. 

Only time will tell, but I am confident in the people.  I am confident in what I do.  I am confident to know that Orange Walk Town, especially in the UDP 7 Team that is going around right now campaigning, I am confident that they will bring about a vote for the UDP, in terms of looking at the Municipal Election.”

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