Is UB’s President on the Edge of Resigning?

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-07h37m34s175Dr. Carey Frazer was installed as President of the University of Belize in August of 2011. He was hired on a 5 year contract, through what was perhaps the first transparent selection process for president at the institution. But after just two years, could his residency be coming to an end? The rumor mill has it that Dr. Frazer will be resigning as president of the university. Our news team visited UB earlier today to speak with him, but he was tied up in a meeting. And so while we waited for the meeting to conclude, we questioned the Director of the Office of Public Information, Selwyn King, on the matter.

vlcsnap-2013-11-13-07h38m01s210Mr. Selwyn King- Director of Public Information

“There have been rumours and as I mentioned today on the media houses that the president has been engaged in meetings all Monday, on this morning, Tuesday.   If or no, he will be able to share more light on that”.

Reporter:   “Can you tell us if this meeting is in relation to his status at the university?”

Mr. Selwyn King:  “No.   These meetings are planned meetings; we have people from SICA…visiting officials.   So, these are meetings which have been planned for weeks.   So, he has been engaged in weeks attending as president of the University of Belize.   So, as I indicated, following this meeting, I will have an opportunity to speak…sit down and speak with the president.   As of this point, I can’t really make any comment into what you have alluded to in terms of friction”.

Dr. Frazer, who denied an on-camera interview, too told us that an official statement will be made public in due time. The President informed us that this will be done after he has made a definitive decision and when that decision is final. And while he declined from speaking at length on the matter, he did note that he has been “approached about leaving.”Dr. Cary Frazer, a Guyanese national, is the first non-Belizean president inducted at the institution. He had only recently initiated a curriculum review of the entire institution, in order to improve the university accreditation standards.

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