Israel Betancourt Perez charged for Attempted Murder

Police have made an arrest in Monday’s near-fatal brawl in San Ignacio Town. The bizarre incident occurred after Jose Pineda violated a restraining order against him and visited his ex-common law wife’s place of business. As we reported, Mariana Galvez, the owner of Mariana’s Bar, told Police that on Sunday, Pineda entered the bar and assaulted a client she had been attending to. She then ran outside but he caught up with her and began assaulting her. That was when a by-stander, whom she knew as Victor, intervened and a struggle ensued between him and Jose. Shortly after, Police arrived and took Victor, Jose, Mariana and her client to the hospital. Pineda suffered the most injuries and has since been placed on life support. After investigating the eventful early morning scuffle, Police arrested and charged Israel Betancourt Perez, the man referred to as Victor, for the crime of Attempted Murder.

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