Jack Charles to re-export Guyanese rice; will he try again?

The hearing at the Supreme Court scheduled for today in the matter of Jack Charles versus the Customs and Excise Department was called off, as we are told an agreement is in place to re-export the three vlcsnap-2016-01-13-19h20m49s434 vlcsnap-2016-01-13-19h20m38s152containers of Guyanese rice that he attempted to import in December. Our understanding is that the government’s attorneys informed Charles on Friday that under section 133 of the Customs and Excise Regulations, he will have seven days to re-export the rice. Charles countered with a one month period and in the end, agreed to the 14 day time limit. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who as Minister of Finance also has the responsibility for Customs, has agreed to give him 14 days which starts tomorrow after a formal letter is sent, to re-export the rice. We understand that Charles is in the process of bringing in seven more containers through Honduras and information suggests that these 3 containers will be exported there while the necessary paperwork is completed to return them to Belize.

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