Jaguar killing in Sarteneja under investigation

vlcsnap-2014-08-07-06h29m08s255There is an ongoing investigation into the killing of a  Jaguar in the village of Sarteneja, Corozal, that is causing a lot of conflict. Plus News understands that the Jaguar showed up months ago and has since been terrorizing villagers. According to information received, two villagers reported to the Forestry Department that a sheep and four pigs were attacked by the female Jaguar. Then on July 11th the received further reports of cattle and pigs and that the villager who made the reports suspected the Feline attacked and killed them. On Tuesday August 5th the Department received information that the Jaguar had been shot and killed by one of the villagers. According to sources, the man that shot the feline was walking towards his booth on Tuesday in the company of his two dogs, when the Jaguar attacked both his dogs. Fearing for his life he called for help, and with the assistance of some of the residents the Jaguar was chased inside the cave. Once inside the cave the villagers blocked it’s exist with a stone. Unconfirmed reports say that after the female Jaguar was trapped someone asked a police officer what they should do with it, and that’s when he reportedly instructed them to kill it. It has created quite a controversy in the village, since the female Jaguar reportedly had a cub. A team from the Forestry department are currently investigating the matter. Jaguars are protected animals in Belize.

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