Jaguars Draw against mighty Canada

vlcsnap-2015-09-11-21h41m57s77The 2018 World Cup Dream is over, Belize did not qualify to the fourth round of the World Cup Qualifiers. But while the Belize Jaguars might not have won the game last night, they certainly won the hearts of all Belizeans as they gave it their all up until the last minute pulling off draw on the second leg of the third round against Canada; a team 26 spots higher than Belize in terms of FIFA ranking. Kick off started at 7 pm at the FFB stadium in Belmopan was set ablaze with Belizean Football Fans. half way into the first half Belize took the lead with a world class goal shot from Deon McCauley. Then the Canadian team tied the game almost at the end of the first half. Belize nearly dominated the second half coming close to securing a win. The president of the federation Ruperto Vicente gave us his reaction to last night’s historical game.


Ruperto Vincente
Well you know, that is the way football is. Football brings emotions – brings out serious emotions in us. Certainly that play where the ball was being bounced around between the players and the goalkeeper for the Canadian, you know, and we thought that that ball would have ended up in the goal for us to win this match. It did not but we played our hearts out. You know, our players gave their all and they were hoping that they could have overcome the Canadians here. This time around, it did not happen but they gave it their best shot and hats off to our national team players. Hats off to our national team coaches. Hats off to our national team directors. Hats off to those who assisted in organizing this game and organizing this team for our world cup eliminations. Hats off to everybody and I cannot leave without saying thank you Belize. Thank you Belizean public. Thank you Belizean fans for supporting our national teams

And now that the hype is over, it is back to business for the Football Federation of Belize.vlcsnap-2015-09-11-21h42m14s69

Ruperto Vincente

One of the things that we said is that we will not get rid of our coaches. We  will keep our coaches so that they can keep working with our players. Secondly, the national team program continues. We will continue with that. Infact, even now we will be preparing the new sixteen national team, you know, to participate in the Central American Tournament. We are also preparing our new vlcsnap-2015-09-11-21h42m33s55 seventeen female team who will also be participating in the FIFA youth seventeenth worldcup for females. So the central American elimination starts now. Its gonna be starting in November. And so we are preparing that. And so the national team program continues.

The next World Cup is to be played in 2022.

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