Jail time piles up for Angel Dorado

Angel Dorado is already serving time in Hattieville Prison for separate charges of committing a mischievous act and wounding, totaling 2 and a half years. But he faces another five years behind bars if he cannot pay a $10,000 fine assessed by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith, after she found him guilty of drug trafficking.

On March 26, 2013, at Sunset Park in the village of Western Paradise on the George Price Highway, Angel Dorado is accused of possession of 79 grams of cannabis with intent to sell, which constitutes drug trafficking.

Paul McCord said he saw Angel Dorado put something in the bushes near his home, and upon retrieving it saw that it contained cannabis. Mr McCord decided to turn the material over to a police officer, but as he was crossing the highway to do so Dorado attacked from behind and snatched the bag, causing a wound to Paul McCord in the process.

Angel Dorado denied the offence in testimony, claiming that someone else asked him to get the bag, and when he did the person removed weed from the bag and gave it back to him, telling him to put it away behind the house.

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