Jamaican Artist DJ Nicholas is Back in the Jewel

Today in Belize City we caught up with a Jamaican Christian DJ, Nicholas Eccleston who goes by the stage name DJ Nicholas. Nicholas, who is stranger to Belize, was invited to minister across the country. He tells us about his visit..

DJ Nicholas:- Christian Musician and Singer   

“Yeah, well tvlcsnap-2014-02-15-02h15m49s213his visit, I was invited by the Central Assembly Church of of the Assemblies of God.  I came here with YC Belize and another group, but this time, I believe, yes we are going to perform and minister, but also added other aspects to each.  For example, earlier this morning when we minister to some of the cadets and also we went, they also had that event “Juveniles” as well at the youth hostel.  So, that was a real blessing.  Then we came and ministered to some students this morning; about four schools came together.  so, it’s more ministry and the event tonight is free.  so, anybody can come.  It is all ministry oriented, but this trip was even more ministry oriented”.

vlcsnap-2014-02-15-02h18m40s235DJ Nicholas put on quite a show this morning for a group of students from four Belize City schools at Central Christian Assembly of God Church on Freetown Road. The former Rastafarian converted to Christianity at the age of 20 but says that one can follow Christ and praise him in the rhythm and culture of popular Jamaican music.

URL Dj NicholasDJ Nicholas:  “Yes.  What happens is that obviously it is not for everybody.  The Bible says we are a body, but the hand does not say, I don’t need the foot and the foot cannot say I don’t need the ear.  The music that I use sounds closer to Reggae or Dancehall, and just for the record, if not 90/100 of my music is built by Christians.  So, even though it sounds like Dancehall, we take in our  dancehall rythms, we build our own rythms.  But they are from Jamaica, so, obviously, the culture there is predominantly Dancehall.  so, it is going to sound that way.  You know, you must understand that music is different than a concept and a teaching or  the truth fact.  I don’t call Christianity a religion.  for me, Christianity is truth.  So, the music is the John and the John doesn’t have to do anything with the message is of Jesus Christ, but the vehicle we use is the reggae and the Dancehall, solfa notation picbut if they listen closely to what I am saying, they will realize I am not saying anything derogatory, nor ganja nor sex; I am singing about the Word of God which is quick and powerful and sharper than any sword, but I just going to break it down in lame man terms: it relates to our nowadays youth and culture”.

The DJ also has some advice for those who want to get on the straight path and away from negative influences.

cut it offDJ Nicholas:  “Just since last week, a Christian musician was murdered in Jamaica by the gun and this is not even a regular person; it is a Christian.  so, it shows that anybody can die by the gun.  But I realize that at the end of the day, everybody needs salvation including the murderer, and I have grown to see that every gang leader, every area don, no matter how bad a man think him is, one day, either he goes to prison or he’s is going to die by the gun, whether by policeman or band man.  That happens over and over; that is not far fetched.  The Bible seh, what a man sow e reap; the Bible sah, the wages of sin is death and I encourage the young man deh weh tek out the gun, listen, e no tek out nottin fuh tek out wah gun and seh, ‘am a bad man”.   E no tek notting fuh be a gial exploiter, but e tek a real man and e tek a real canshious effort fuh a man decide fuh be a man ah God.  God has a purpose for your life; the devil ah try Biblesword sabre silverfuh distrak it.  E wah you die young; the Bible seh, why should thou die before die time?  The Bible seh, he has given you a life and a life more abundantly.  Don’t be deceived by the temporary tings ah this world and you fallo this road that is only gong to lead you to death an destruction and most important, spiritual death.  Choose Christ who gives life and life more abundantly.  Be a mighty man of God, come shake the world fuh Jesus and Gid will provide and meet all of your needs to His glory”.

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