Jamaican Pastor says the LGBT issue is not about rights but acceptance of lifestyle

Last week, Plus TV’s Rise and Shine guest was Jamaican pastor and social activist, Reverend Al Miller. Miller discussed the global homosexual agenda, citing the same methods and tactics being used in Belize as also being used throughout the wider Caribbean community. While UNIBAM has gone on record to say that it is not an internationally orchestrated move to push the homosexual agenda and is only their personal little struggle in Belize, Reverend Miller, who is leader of a mega church in Jamaica and at the forefront of national issues in the Caribbean island, maintains that it is a systemic, organized, structured move to eventually legalize gay marriage.

Reverend Al Miller – Jamaican pastor and social activist:
vlcsnap-2013-06-11-07h17m29s202It is not just today’s issue.  It’s an issue that has been orchestrated at least 40 years ago.  Some folks sat together and said, “Hey, were pushing this agenda.”  It’s been a systematic, organized, structured move around the world. And the pattern in nations have been the same.  What we see happening to us in Jamaica, in the Caribbean, and you here in Belize, it’s the same pattern that has happened consistently from South Africa, Canada, all of Europe, it’s been the same thing.

Reverend Miller, for most of his presentation, compared events occurring in both countries in attempt to demonstrate that there is in fact a pro-homosexual agenda. He began with the financial backing of the agenda and the prerogative of large nations to threaten to withhold aid from smaller countries, should they not jump on board.

Reverend Al Miller – Jamaican pastor and social activist: 
In Jamaica they have done the same thing. It is big money that is behind it, without question. [It is] big money that is being spent around the world. We can question where these funds come from.  We can speculate. [These are] huge sums of money.  When you notice now that our Governments are under pressure, because it is part of the international agenda, because it has the big backing of the money people in the world. We heard that the British Prime Minister had made the statement, Obama made a similar statement, that they were just on the verge (in some cases) of wanting to tie aid to the homosexual agenda. In other words, if we do not accept it as an alternate lifestyle then you run the risk of not getting aid. And it has been said more clearly from some European nations than it is from the US, but it is implied, strongly.   

You may remember in 2011, an HFLE manual was discovered in the schools across the country of Belize, but the wording and content of the document, quickly caught the eye of the church and other concerned citizens and after a tug and war with the Government, the document was removed. Well, Reverend Miller says that sounds familiar, as they experienced the same situation in Jamaica. He followed on with discussing the AIDS Commission, an organization he claims has been hijacked and is being used to push acceptance of LGBT lifestyles.

Reverend Al Miller – Jamaican pastor and social activist: 
When it was presented the teachers objected.  Of course, right away, when they left this conference, some brought it to me.  We blasted it. The Minister of Education then says, “Oh we didn’t realize that was in it,” you know all kinds of foolish arguments.  The AIDS agenda throughout the world unfortunately has been hijacked by the gay agenda. So that the people who are pushing the HIV issue unfortunately are tainted on that side. Consequently it prohibits the church from embracing it, not the HIV issue, because as far as I’m concerned we should be championing those kind of causes, anything for the best we must champion it.  But it’s difficult for the church to embrace when the leadership of it is the very thing against which we are speaking.

Then the topic shifted to human rights. In an attempt to dissuade gay rights activists from contesting that their rights are being infringed upon, Jamaica in 2011, completed the Charter of Rights which made certain that the fundamental rights of all minority groups are protected. The Reverend expounded on this and also spoke on a lawsuit brought against the Jamaican Government, eerily similar to the case of Caleb Orozco vs the Attorney General.

Reverend Al Miller – Jamaican pastor and social activist: 
The charter of Rights was careful to ensure that all minority groups that their rights are protected. So there is no violation of anybody’s rights on that basis at all.  The issue is not about rights.  Belizean people understand the issue is not about rights, the issue is about acceptance of a lifestyle.  In Jamaica now for the first time last year, the same principle, where there is a lawsuit in the Supreme Court now, involving challenging that the same language used that “My rights are likely to be violated because of this law.”

Reverend Miller says that another tactic is to redefine certain terms, case in point – gender. In Belize, in the Revised Gender Policy 2013 – the term gender is read “The  social  constructed  roles  allocated  respectively  to  women  and  men  in particular societies and in particular historical and cultural contexts. Such roles, and the differences  between  them,  are  conditioned  by  a  variety  of  political,  economic,  ideological  and  cultural  factors  and  are  characterized  in  most  societies  by  unequal power relations.” After addressing that matter, the Reverend offered some encouraging words to the Government of Belize and its people, saying that they do not have to bend to the pressure of the homosexual agenda.

Reverend Al Miller – Jamaican pastor and social activist:
Same arguments, same language, same wording, that gender issues are connected to sexual orientation.  We just put it all in the same pile, using the same terminology, because there is a common end to be achieved. A lot of it is international pressure, but we must not feel that we have to bow to it, because what we don’t hear is that this argument that they’re pushing for us it cannot be taken to Asia, it cannot be taken to the Muslim nations.  Therefore we must not believe that we have no choice as many of our political leaders are trying to say.  There are some African countries who have come out straight and said, “Look.we are not going.”  The new Prime Minster of one African nation said, “We are a Christian nation.  We are not into that.  We are not moving our nation that way,  Case closed.”

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