Janet Olisa is Nigerian High Commissioner to Belize

Yesterday Nigerian High Commissioner to Belize, Mrs. Janet Omoleegho Olisa, spoke to the Belizean media. Olisa is one of  three new ambassadors who presented their credentials to the Governor General on Monday.

Mrs. Janet Omoleegho Olisa

Nigeria- Belize is a very important relationship for us in the sense of, we are one people that have passed over the centuries of movement through the trans-Atlantic and we are grateful to God for the ability to be able to reconnect Nigeria and Belize. Belize has further ensured through a technical agreement which enables Nigeria to provide technical assistance to Belize in whatever field, in whichever area and sector that Belize government chooses and this is to enhance the development that we all overlooked. The Nigerian Government, it doesn’t really matter which administration, but it has always been our main core foreign policy that we bring other countries within our south- south cooperation apart with us. We don’t believe that one country should be very powerful while the others are struggling. We believe in co-existing. We believe in helping those who need help and for us to move together and for us to co-exist in a very harmonious way.

Even though Olisa is the Nigerian Ambassador to Belize, she is resident in Kingston, Jamaica.

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