Jennylee Cruz is Queen of the Bay Belmopan

Jenny- Lee Cruz from Roaring Creek Village is the new Queen of the Bay Belmopan. Five worthy contestants vied for the Queen of the Bay Belmopan title inside the Belmopan Civic Center last night. At the end of the night, Queen of the Bay Roaring Creek contestant Jenny-Lee Cruz came out on top. We had a chance to speak to Cruz this morning after her big win. Here is what she had to say about last night. 

Jennylee Cruz, Queen of the Bay Belmopan:  So, I was nervous at first but I actually prayed and I did this pageant for my mum and so I felt like her presence was there. So the most challenging part was the courtesy but at practice, we practice our courtesy like every minute, like every time. So my courtesy was like two minutes and a couple of seconds, that was the longest courtesy. And so that it would be perfect on the night (of the pageant). So last night it was very beautiful, I did very well and I’m so proud of myself, all my hard work had paid of last night.

Cruz says that her plans are to work with the youths of Belmopan in positive ways during her reign as Queen of the Bay Belmopan.

Jennylee Cruz, Queen of the Bay Belmopan:  I will start to work with the youth, you know use my platform. I would like to go to different schools and talk to them, encourage them that they should never give up, chase their dreams. Because last year I went in the pageant and I was second runner up. And this year now, I am 1st place. And that is just an example that you shouldn’t give up and you should chase your dreams, no matter what. If you get kicked down, get right up back.

Cruz also told us that she is prepared for the National Queen of the Bay competition. She believes she has what it takes to bring the National title to Belmopan.

Jennylee Cruz, Queen of the Bay Belmopan:  I am very confident. I feel like I have what it takes to bring back that crown to Belmopan and I will go out there and I will do my best. And I just like need the support from everyone and if everyone would come out that night and support me, that would be really great.

She will be crowned at the 10th of September Celebrations in Belmopan.

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