Jeremiah Pott given seven years for manslaughter

A labourer of Bermudian Landing, Belize District, accused of murder pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the lesser charge of manslaughter and was handed a sentence of twelve years’ imprisonment, but will actually serve seven years on the order of Justice Adolph Lucas.

Jeremiah Pott, 54, was accused of causing the death of his older brother Fidencio Pott, 57, in March of 2011. The brothers were drinking “red top” liquor at a friend’s house in the morning when they began to quarrel over a bottle of rum.

Fidencio Pott hauled his younger brother outside, pulling his shirt, and Jeremiah responded by hitting him in the head with a spade, not letting up even after his brother tumbled to the ground.

Fidencio Pott died of his injuries five days later and Jeremiah was charged with murder, being formally indicted in September of 2013.

However, the prosecution elected to substitute a charge of manslaughter in February of 2014 because there was evidence of provocation on Fidencio’s part.

Jeremiah Pott, represented by attorney David Morales, entered his plea on Thursday morning, and expressed remorse through his attorney.

Justice Lucas, in passing sentence, cut a year from the sentence in recognition of Pott’s plea, and another four years for time on remand, noting that he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and expressed remorse through his attorney.

The Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Portia Staine.

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