Jermaine Moody court date adjourned

The murder trial of 29-year-old Jermaine Moody, a SA Pedro resident concluded late yesterday evening before Justice Adolph Lucas in the Supreme Court and a decision is yet to be handed down. Moody is accused of killing 31-year-old Moses Coc on San Pedro on September 13, 2014 during a beating incident in which Coc was hit several times with a piece of stick which led to his death. The crown’s main witness, Jeronimo Act was socializing with Coc the night of the incident. He was able to tell the court what he saw that night, but according to Act’s testimony, he never knew his friend attacke. Crown, Shanice Lovelle was able to make the links of who was Coc’s attacker by circumstantial evidence coming from Act’s description of the attacker. Moody gave a caution statement to police, claiming that he was acting in self-defense when two men tried to rob his bike.  Justice Lucas has reserved his ruling for June 20, 2018 as to whether or not the accused Moody is guilty or not of murder. 

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