Jermaine Moody guilty of Manslaughter

Jermaine Moody was found guilty of manslaughter today and not guilty of murder. His murder trial got on the way 15 days ago in a trial by judge without jury. He was accused of the murder of 31-year-old Moses Coc who was beaten and hit in the head with a piece of stick, causing Coc’s death.  That incident took place in September of 2014 in San Pedro.   This afternoon, in a 22 minute ruling in the Court room of Justice Lucas, the justice said that while DPP’s office was able to prove 5 of the 6 elements to prove the charge of murder, the one they fell short of was proving if Moody, at the time he inflicted the wound to the decease, had the intention to kill. Lack of proof of intent is what caused the judge to rule that Moody was not guilty of murder but manslaughter. Eyewitness testimony indicated that Moody attacked Coc and his friend who were out drinking that night. However, in the trial, Moody said he acted in self-defence when two Hispanic male persons attacked him at the park and tried to steal his bike.  Sentencing for Moody has been deferred to Monday, July 16, 2018.

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