Jermaine Rhaburn rearrested and charged for murder of Clifford Cruz

On Thursday, Twenty-year-old Jermaine Michael Rhaburn was  rearrested and charged once again for the murder of BDF volunteer soldier Clifford Isaac Cruz.

Clifford Cruz was murdered on October first of 2012, on the compound of Militia Hall located near the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City, where Jermaine Rhaburn, who was also a volunteer B.D.F. soldier, allegedly shot Clifford Cruz with his service rifle.

Jermaine  Rhaburn had been arrested before and was placed on remand for over a year, but when his case finally made it to court, the charge had been struck out in April of this year.

But on Thursday, five months later, police picked up Mr Rhaburn from his work place for the same crime, and he was arraigned for the murder.

No plea was taken and Jermaine Rhaburn was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until October twenty-second.

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