Jerson Carballo shot and killed

Another man has been killed in Belize City. 27-year-old Jerson Carballo was heading home early this morning when he was gunned down.. vlcsnap-2017-06-08-16h21m37s704Sometime around 12:30 this morning, Carballo was on his bicycle at the corner of Electric and Lawrence Avenues, in Belize City, when several shots were fired at him. He was  hit in his head, chest and back.  Sergeant Roberto Novelo of the Crime Investigation Branch spoke to the media about this latest murder.

Srgt. Roberto Novelo, Crime Investigation Branch:  No one has been detained at this point. We have not established a motive at this time. Nothing to indicate that this was gang related, he was not known to the police to be affiliated to any gang. He had left from a friend’s residence on ring road, that’s all we know at this time as investigation is ongoing.  vlcsnap-2017-06-08-16h24m01s801

The family is still in shock and disbelief that their loved one is gone. Carballo’s sister, Ernestine Carballo, recalls where she was when she got the news.

Ernetine Carballo, Sister of Jerson Carballo:  He came home at 10, and after 11 that’s when the police rushed here along with the friends that he went to visit immediately after he left Radisson because he has a job. So when he finished his job he went over there to visit the girls and the ladies explained that as he left gun shots fired.

The family doesn’t know why anyone would want to kill Jersonvlcsnap-2017-06-08-16h30m28s836

Ernetine Carballo, Sister of Jerson Carballo:  None whatsoever because Jerson is like an angel. Who all know Jerson, he is humble. We’re a church going family you know, who all know my brothers love the Lord. Jerson would go all the time with Dj bones and DJ Dalla all the time to assist at Raddisson Fort George. So he was not problematic or whatever, no records and that’s what we’re praying and hoping that the special unit work hand in hand and the public that whoever know us, this is the time to let everyone reach out and don’t be afraid to put a stop and take a stand because it was an innocent life. He didn’t even have a child yet.vlcsnap-2017-06-08-16h21m52s886


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