Jorge Lemus’ bruised body found in drain in Unitedville

Police in Cayo are also investigating another death. The body of a man was discovered on Saturday morning in Unitedville. The body was found in avlcsnap-00061 drain that runs along the George Price Highway. The man was seen floating face down in the drain. He was wearing a white shirt and long khaki pants. He has been identified as 52 year old Belizean laborer of Unitedville Jorge Lemus. 

Insp. Daniel Iche, Assistant Superintendent of Police: Police responded to information received and visited an area on the GeorgePrice vlcsnap-00063Highway within the United Ville village where the body of a male person identified as Jorge Lemus, 34 years was seen lying face down in a pool of water in the drain. He was seen with a bruise to the left eye. He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where we was pronounced dead on arrival. We’re investigating the matter. We’re recording statements from persons who have saw him. We’ve learnt that he visited a liquor establishment sometime after midnight that night and that was the last sighting of him.

Police say the body had bruises on the left eye and the left side of the face was swollen but they are yet to establish if the injuries were inflicted. While the police have not classified it as foul play, the villagers we spoke with say they believe that it was just that; a case of homicide. Villagers say thatLemus was a contractor and was last seen leaving a bar. They suspect that he may have been robbed and killed. We spoke to Lemus’s sister, Ada Lemus, who says they first thought it may have been an accident but the degree of the injuries have given rise to suspicions of foul play.

Ada Lemus, Sister of Victim: We know that he usually goes out to drink but he doesn’t have enemies. He always drinks and comes home safe so we didn’t think anything. At the begging we thought that he got drunk and dropped there but afterwards we believe that somebody hurt him, we don’t know who but we believe that somebody hurt him because he is hurt. And I don’t think he got too hurt to drop there. His face is swollen and my brother said that it didn’t look like a knock from a hand but a stick, like somebody knocked him.vlcsnap-00064

Reporter: And your brother isn’t problematic?vlcsnap-00060

Ada Lemus, Sister of Victim: No. Everybody loves him in the village. He would drink but everybody is friends with him because he was not a trouble maker.

 No money was found on the body of Lemus even though he had just been paid the day before.

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