Jorge Tzib Murdered in San Ignacio






Residents of the town of San Ignacio woke up Monday morning to the news that a gruesome murder had taken place in the early hours . The victim was 28 year old Jorge Tzib of Shawville Area, San Ignacio Town. Police say that at about 1:30am this morning Tzib was walking along Joseph Andrews Drive and when he reached somewhere between the Red Cross Building and The Office Gurus Building when he was attacked and killed. Hours later when we arrived on the scene the large dark bloodstains still marked the spot where he took his last breath.  We spoke with Inspector Reymundo Reyes of the San Ignacio formation, who is overseeing the Investigation.

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – San Ignacio Police:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-07h09m57s190“We know that early in the night, there was a incident somewhere close by Blue Angels where police responded to that area where this same young man was present; apparently he witnessed what happened and he had mentioned to the police that he saw who caused the commotion or whatever.   But he left from the area.   So, it was surprising when it was called that there was somebody and the police responded and it was the same police officer who say that they had already spoken to this young man few minutes before the information was passed unto us.   This morning sometime after 1:55 a.m., San Ignacio police  received information of a male person lying on the middle of the street on Joseph Andrews Drive in front of the Red Cross building.   As a result, they proceeded to the area.   On arrival, they saw this male person lying of his left side of his body with what appears to be multiple stab wounds in the neck area and a slate on the throat”.

Police say they found Tzib dressed in a short black pants and a grey sleeveless shirt, barefooted with a knapsack on his back lying apparently dead. And while Police say they still have no motive for the murder they have since detained one person as the investigation unfolds.

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – San Ignacio Police:

“At this present moment the investigation is young – it’s still on-going but we cannot determine the motive of the murder so far. Police were on patrol in that area. They had detained somebody for traffic offence maybe 10-15 minutes before the call came in about this incident. We have the person of the motorcycle who was brought in for traffic offences for questioning and we already got the person the person who he left right at the same junction where we actually found the body of Mr. Tzib. We’re trying to get a footage of [from the surveillance camera] but we have to work with our counterparts from El Sal;vador since they are the owners of the business.  We have already written a correspondence to them seeing if they could assist us with any recordings that they have more or less at the time of the incident.

The surveillance video police are hoping will assist them comes from the nearby Office Guru building nearby. When Plusnews arrived in San Ignacio the family was just leaving with police to take the body to Belize City for the Autopsy. While the clearly distraught mother would not speak to the media, Jorge’s Aunt, Maria Martinez,  told the press about the life of the young Gorge Tzib.

Ms. Ms. Maria Martinez- Jorge’s Aunt

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-07h11m53s68“Well, he liked to sing. He is a loving person. He don’t interfere with nobody.   He just…as you know everybody take it hard because he is a human being and you know the way how he died is very sad to know that there are people that deh no think  for others…because we are the only family right here.   His father is not here…his mother is not here”.


As mentioned earlier, police have detained one person for questioning.

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