Journalist Glenn Tillet calls Rise and Shire to express his views on Press Conference

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-08h24m43s8The entire nation had their eyes and ears turned to the press conference held Thursday  in which the PM, Hon. Godwin Hulse and other representatives of the Immigration department publicly discussed what might be considered one of the biggest scandals of 2013 to rack the UDP administration. The two and a half hour conference was tedious and at some points appeared to be going in circles.  The head table, though, entertained answers to all of the questions that were thrown at them. Nevertheless, this long conference was not enough to fully address all the questions, doubts and concerns of the public at large. Glenn Tillet had his bucket of questions cut short at the conference when it ended abruptly. On Friday morning, determined to get his question and his point across, he called in on Rise and Shine to point out one of the blank spaces the representatives left behind.

Mr. Glenn Tillet- Senior Journalist

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-13h19m43s96“He has yet to explain to us how a fraudulent passport somehow went through the system and ended up in the hands of a prisoner in Taiwan- literally on the possession of a prisoner in Taiwan!   A couple of the questions I ask do is, What happened in Taiwan?   Almost a month after that passport became evident, you have not even called anybody in Taiwan to find out what happened, who presented the passport, any details whatsoever.   I cannot accept that.   Either you are lying to us or you have simply assumed that we are such dumb, whatever,  that we have to accept that you are too lazy, that you are too uncaring, you have no interest whatsoever in what happened in Taiwan”.


Glenn Tillet explained another issue lingering in this entire scandal and it involves the parameters of the FIU’s investigation

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-13h24m28s142Glenn Tillet …”and still rally when you say to me, booo, the FIU is investigating.   And I didn’t know if the FIU is investigating.   That is also unacceptable.   The FIU cannot say what they are investigating, how they are investigating to do that kind of report.   We ask exactly yesterday: What is the Police investigating? Because the police was only called in.   After it was revealed that I may or may not have some documents that purportedly emanated from the Immigration Department.   So, I have to believe that the police investigation is to find out how Arthur Saldivar ended out with these purported documents and not to find out what happened.   How somebody was able to commit that kind of forgery…that kind of fraud and bring some shame and disgrace!”

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