Joyride ends with crash in Belize City

A Belize City man has been charged after he reportedly took his friend’s car for a joyride and ended up crashing it. The owner of the vehicle told Police that on Sunday, he and his family left the city to go on an overnight fishing trip. He left his Toyota truck in the care of one of his friends –Reginald Young, who was to drive the vehicle back to the owner’s residence and park it there, only allowing him to wash the truck while it was parked inside the yard. Well, to his surprise, when he returned on Monday, the vehicle wasn’t in his yard. He later found out that the vehicle was being held at the Police Station compound after an road accident. With Young at the time of the accident was Stephen Flowers, who is presently at the K.H.M.H. receiving medical treatment due to injuries sustained to both feet. He has been charged with Damage to Property and Driving without due Care and Attention. Meanwhile, Reginald Young has been charged with Taking Conveyance Without Authority.

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